Megillah with Eitz Chaim

Is it muter to make a megillah with an Eitz Chaim like a Sefer Torah? Or since l'maseh it has to be an like an igeres then this is ossur to do?


  1. I believe it is a minhag common among Sefardim,and some Ashkenazim and therefore would be ok. You can find some of them with ancient Atzei Chaim, which shows this isn't a newer minhag.
    Besides for the atzei chaim, it is also common to have it in a silver or wooden case. Look at pics below:

  2. Where does the minhag come from though?

  3. Hi Yehoshua,
    Bekitzur, the question is the other way around. Is it MUTAR to have a Megillah without an etz chayim?

    If one looks at Shulchan Aruch 691:2, one will read that the megillah requires an AMUD at the end. Although, the minchag is not as such, take a look at the guemara in Bava Batra 13b, where Rashi informs us that the AMUD refers to a wooden pole that the scroll is wrapped on.

  4. As Alberto puts it "Is it MUTAR to have a Megillah without an Eitz Chayim"
    the Rema brings the Mahril that the Minhag is "not" to put an eitz at all.The question is what brought this Minhag.
    If I recall the Aruch Hashulchan(or might be other achron)explains that since there is a safek of the amud-wooden pole goes in the beginning and the empty column at end or vice virca the Minhag is not to put the eitz. My Rebbe the Pnei Menachem used a Megila with 2 Eitz Chaims (all Gerer Rebbes were careful not to handle Megila with bare hands as brought down in Sharrei Tshuva)
    I had a thought, the reason the wooden Megila case with the little wood as a pullout piece was used was to have an Eitz on both sides without openly going against either explanation.


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