Parshas Zachor

By the shul I daven in this Shabbos they have 2 kosher sifrei Torah (could be a third also?) they lein from (one big and one small.) The small one they always use as the "second" Sefer Torah. It was asked which one to use for Parshas Zachor. In terms of csav, hiddur, etc they are probably both the same. However the smaller one is older. Better to davka take the newer one or no difference?

In the end they quickly decided to use the smaller older one and save the bigger newer one for Zachor...To which the bal koreh said afterwards it was hard for him to lean over the bima and lein from such a small sefer Torah the whole kriah.

Any thoughts please share.


  1. Although there is the custom to use the most mehudar sefer for the reading of zakhor, the sensible thing to do in this case is as the ba'al koreh suggests. As always, however, the ultimate word on what is done for next year rests with the shul's rabbi.

  2. This is a small chaburah of avreichim and bachurim. There is someone there they call the "Rov" (although he's a big talmud chocham hes' not actually a "rov". He says shalosh seuda Torah and sort of leads the chaburah...So I guess that makes him the "Rosh Chaburah" (more appropriate title.) The "gabbai" of the minyan right before Krias HaTorah came over asking me which Sefer Torah to use. As I started to ask what's his sofek the olam decided to switch things around and use the newer, bigger one for zachor. Upon opening up the small one to lein they called me over to look at one of the oisios (not a shailo at all, but I suppose it was Hasgacha Pratis if they were so much in sofek about the small Sefer Torah.)


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