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Dov, a sofer friend of mine has asked me 'do the shemot in haftarot require kidush? Does the word 'shalhevetya' in Shir HaShirim require kidush? 'haleluya' in Tehilim?' I would say yes to the first and no to the other two, but I can't actually find any sources that back this up and I've been reading through quite a few books to see if this is specifically mentioned. Anyone out there have any specific references to sefer haftarot and the other two that I can pass on to him.
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  1. The word halluya, is kodesh that means that y-a at the end is kodesh. see pesahim 117. I would think the same be with shalhavet-ya in shir hashirim.
    I dont know what is a sefer haftorot, is it a complete navi - then definitly the shemot must be makadesh, if not who gave permission to write on klaf only the haftora cut out from the whole navi?

    1. I have seen a couple of Sifrey Haftarot (of Aftarot) and this is a fairly standard and is just a scroll of the haftarot (with superscriptions - e.g. kan matchilin has'fardim) in rashi script. I also saw a tikkun for this in a stam shop in yerushalayim. I don't know when this tradition started but it isn't something new.

    2. There is no hallachic permision to copy a part of the tora or of a navi on scroll parchment in dyo and csav ashuris.
      What people do - doesn't prove it is permitted.

    3. I thought that was the case but it seems quite common place now and has been accepted by many communities. A case of 'go and see what the people are doing'?

  2. IIRC, according to the mesora of the Keter, "הללוי-ה" is written as two words (even though we read it as one word): "הללו י-ה". The second word — "י-ה" — is kodesh.

    "שלהבתיה" is one word and is chol according to the Tikun Ben Asher put out by Rav Ya'akov Chenagel (probably following the Minchas Shai but I can't verify that right now).

  3. Thanks for the sources. I will check them out and let my colleague know.


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