Yalkut Yosef


  1. Alberto -

    You incorrectly described this as a teshuva. It is not. It is a peirush on a likut from Rav Ovadya by Rav Ovadia's son.

    Also - did you actually read this?

    He quotes an array of Sheelos UTeshuvos from both sides debating whether or not the paint (or the oil used in preparing the retzuos) must be min hamutar bficha. Some hold that it must be mutar b'ficha, but then explain why paint specific cases (ie. oil from a tamei fish) are mutar (i.e. the tamei ingredient is botel, etc). Others hold mutar b'ficha only applies to items from which you can tell their origin by looking at them (ie. the Shoel UMaishiv).

    Furthermore- he says the same thing that I have been writing and that Rav Friedlander confirmed - milsa yeseira, items not intrinsic to the meleches shomayim, do not need to be mutar b'ficha. This is why some inks with treif ingredients may be mutar b'dieved or m'ikkar hadin mutar.

    This section doesn't contribute to the discussion one way or the other.


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