Alef of Shem HaShem

In a Sefer Torah (or in Tefillin/Mezuzah when no shailo of c'sidran) A Sofer wrote an alef completely and one of the yuds of the alef in the Shem HaShem became niskalkal (i.e. no rosh/regel that is niker) may it be erased and re-written a proper yud? (Keeping in mind in a case when there is no problem of c'sidran.)


  1. Look up Keset Hasofer 12. 14, I dont think you should have a problem, especially if you say that the Shem was not completed yet.

  2. Part of the shailo was also in a case if the shem was completed (Sefer Torah)

  3. I think still it should be fine, you are allowed to erase in order to be metaken


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