The Great Escape

How kosher is this Lamed which I attempted to keep out of the Chaf Sofit above it? What is better to do this or make a short one?


  1. After already writing the hai and mem of hamelech, I don't think there was any possibility to make a short lamed, there wasn't enough space.

    1. IS it better to do this, or make a super long Lamed?

    2. The lamed looks fine, the neck is not overbent. If you would lengthen the lamed you would have problems cramping the rest of the line. I think what you did is best.

    3. Thanks, I definitely should have crammed a little before the Lamed and tried to fit it it before the Chaf S. but after the fact... that's the best I could do.

  2. Just seen this very example in a Torah I've been repairing. Perfectly fine and you have done it well.


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