Ibud Ha'Oros for Klaf

The poskim speak about what one should say when making Klaf - l'shem kedushes Sefer Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzah...Best to always say L'Shem whatever Kedusha it is for. However an eitzah is given to make everything with a tanei that one may use it for Sefer Torah or Tefillin or Mezuzos or even for chulin. L'maseh what is done by our klaf, what is said, etc.


  1. Most kelafim are processed al tnay as you explained.
    But you can order klaf "shlo al tnay" that means klaf that was made specificly lshem kedushas one item only.

  2. To add to what R. Moshe said: Some klaf-makers make their klaf "leshem kedushas Sefer Torah" without a tenai and it may be used for tefilin, mezuzos, megilos, or nevi'im; but it can not be used for a davar chol.

    I don't know what the halacha would be with regard to "pitom haketores" or "the menora", but I assume they are considered a davar chol as far as the kedusha of the klaf is concerned.

    1. Would a pitum k'toret be considered entirely a davar chol given it has words of Torah and Hashem's name in? Similarly the menorah words are from Tehillim and a sefer Tehillim has kedushah. Now technically one isn't supposed to write out parts of books/p'sukim etc, but pitum ha'k'toret on k'laf is supported by the rabbonim as a great segulah for parnassah, but what would be the halachic support for them in the first place?


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