Just been asked a couple of questions. One about k'laf patching which I could answer but one about the retsuah for the head tefillin getting damaged in specific spots where the leather comes in contact with sweaty skin, which I would appreciate some thoughts on as to how can this damage be prevented (and 'stop sweating' is not an option) or repaired? 


  1. What type of damage is happening to the retzua?
    If it is being torn - there are some opinions that permit to sow it with gidim, while other poskim forbid. See SA OC siman 33.
    Thus bsafek d'oraysa (kesher shel tefilin hallacha l'moshe mi'sinai) one should machmir and change the retzua to a new one.

    1. I have asked them to send me photos so that I can see as they didn't explain it well. Thanks for your comment Moshe.


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