Selling a mezuzah to a goy

I suppose this is a bigger problem for Judaica shops who are open to anyone who walks in off the street. What isw the halachah? Perhaps Rabbis Bloomestiel or Gorman would have experience in this matter?


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  2. One may not sell or give a mezuza to a goi (for the intent of puting on his doorway), if there is a chashash {of aiba, see however Pischei Shearim p. 365} or sekana it is allowed - Rema 291:2 Yoreh Deah.

  3. We do not sell to a Goy, If we suspect we ask which Shul are they members of.

    Here in London a Mezuzah was presented to the Queen. Firstly it was written without Kidush Sheimos.
    It was sewn into a Silver Case and there was no Writing on the Back.

    There is also a Problem selling Tallis and Tzitzis to a Goy, this is a much harder task for us.


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