Tzuras Ois

First is a Beis with the moshav not reaching the end and has a third missing.

With the nunn of einechah there is a slight 1mm bit sticking out over end but is rounded not sharp so the kav looks from meal habima to connect to the end. Only by close study can you tell the difference


  1. The beis of vedebarta is definitly pasul, the beis of uveshachbecha is kosher - may be fixed.
    The nun of ainecha as it looks in the scan, may be fixed. But in reality may be worse - since it is probably smaller and the blita towards the left not as noticable.

  2. I'd say the nun could be fixed based on the image and the resolution seems good. Agree that the v'dibarta is pasul however S'fakot Hasofer brings a very similar image with a very similar base length and suggests that a tinok might avail if we aren't entirely sure the form of the letter is sufficiently changed by it being katsar.


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