Work has been slow...

...So I have had a little time to put some TLC into this blog, including the new layout as well as updationg the members list (apologies to all those who joined ages ago and I neglected to add them).


  1. shkoyach. I thought the parchment backround look was apt

  2. Hi Eli,
    I like the new look. It gives it a much warmer and pleasant feeling. Keep up the good work.

    As we know, the pictures in my previous posts have all but vanished. This ocured when I closed my Google email account a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, as we have learned, whatever picture one posts on the Forum, they are never formally uploaded to the website in the same manner as the text is. Instead, they reside within a parallel Google/Picasa account (even if one doesn't have one) and only appear on the Forum via a web-link. Therefore, if one closes a google email account linked to the posts, whatever pictures one has placed on the Forum will also disappear with it.

    Question, as the Site's administrator, are you able to edit any of the previous posts, or is this something which the architecture of the site does not allow? Please let me know. Perhaps I can email you copies of the previous missing pictures for them to be reposted. Thanks!

    1. Alberto,
      good to hear from you, I was worried what happened to your pictures {I was afraid it might happen to mine}. B"H it was something external, I coudn't figure out how that happened.

      Eli keep up the great work on this forum, thanks

    2. Thanks Moshe,
      It's good to be back. With the close of my other Google email account, I wasn't able to log unto the Forum + the pics vanished! I have learned the lesson: "If ever in the need to restructure your Google email accounts don't ever close one of them." Whatever pictures you may have posted on any blog will automatically vanish with them. The worst thing is that, there is absolutely nothing one can do! : )


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