erasing diyo from paper

Is there a way to erase and fix diyo that was written on paper, for example a paper teudah? I do not assume that it can be fixed but if there is such a method I would like to hear. Thank you


  1. If the paper is very thick, you MAY be able to remove the dyo with a bowed razor blade held between your thumb and forefinger. Alternately, you could try scraping with a very sharp blade. I'd recommend the first method though, it's often possible to slice under the dyo without damaging the surface at all. Be sure to apply gum sandarac to the abraded area or the ink will most likely spread.

    You could also try an ink eraser gum. On paper, I doubt it's possible to make a perfect correction that will leave no trace.

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  3. Bowed razor blades do work, but on many thick art papers they will leave a very clear mark at the place of the correction.

    Another suggestion is to use a #10 x-acto blade (the curved one). Hold the blade perpendicular to the page and VERY gently scrape in one direction, not back and forth. It may take a white, but with care this can remove the ink even from thin paper. When done, go over the area with a white rubber eraser and then, as Binyomin rightly points out, dust with gum sandarac and rewrite!

  4. What is gum sandarac? Would that be used on klaf as well? I was taught on klaf to lightly rub a white pastel/chalk on erased area to keep ink from spreading.


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