gid on top of gid

When I was closing this pair of Tefillin I started plying in the black groove line and noticed that there are bits of old gid stuck in the groove, they were painted over and when they were checked the previous time they must of not been totally taken out and therefore concealed and sewn with new gid right on top of them. Am I obligated to wedge them out in order for the Tefillin to be kosher? Or is it anyways kosher? Any advice how to get some of the bits out where even
a needle cannot ply them out.


  1. There is no problem, leave them.

  2. Just remember that ribua in the Tfiros is deoraysa. So be careful that when you are done, the tefiros are square, since you may not have the groove to rely on if it is filled up with old giddin.

  3. If you are looking for a tool to remove the old giddin and clean the grooves you can get a tool called Swiss Graver it is very sharp but is tapered and you push it through the groove slowly removing the old paint and gid.
    Again be carefull it is very sharp and you can ruin the line by making a secondary line if you slip. It is used for watch repair and silver smith chasing.


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