Ibud ha-Oros

According to the opinion that holds that one who is m'abed oros and say they are doing it l'shem Sefer Torah may even use it then for Tefillin, Mezuzos or a Megillah (since it's colel all of the kedushas.) What about if the Sofer wishes to write a megillah and 'draw' on it as well many tzuros like some are nohag to do. Is this a problem? They made it with the intention of a Sefer Torah however can use it for any other Kedusha (even something less.) However maybe these pictures are not part of the "kedusha" of the megillah (more a theoretical shailo or in a case where the proper tanai wasn't made.)


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    1. Mishnah B'rurah 32:8:26 prefers the wording 'I am placing these skins into the lime for the sake of the holiness of the Sefer Torah and I stipulate that should I so wish, I will be able to divert them to any use' which covers everything and that would permit a use for davar chol. If the tanai wasn't made but he did stipulate as Keset Hasofer 2:4 (change to Tefillin and Mezuzah) but also included Megillah then the argument I guess is whether the pictures (being davar chol) interfere with the kedushah/are allowed on the k'laf since it wasn't so stipulated.

      The writing is what makes the kedushah and the pictures aren't part of the kedushah - but one might argue they don't detract from the kedushah that the writing has established either.

      Ot Y'tsiv makes a point that it isn't right to draw pictures or put crown shapes on the word hamelech and cites the opinion of the Admor that he didn't like this. Nonetheless Keset Hasofer 28:8 is clear that a megillah with n'kudot and t'amim or even piyyutim (the Teymani have a precis of the megillah story and the blessings on the scroll quite often) does not invalidate the scoll, though others say (based on the Mordechai) that one should then not say the b'rachot. If more serious addition like this, and one can include pictures as decorations, do not pasul then one assumes they do not interfere with the kedushah either. That said there is a machloket as to whether k'laf for a megillah even needs to be lishmah (28:1) though Magen Avraham says one should be machmir.

      Might look a bit more into this.


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