Is the world's largest mezuzah kosher?

I saw an article recently that a Chabad sofer in Israel has recently broken the world record for the largest mezuzah (50+ inches tall). See article here

This comes as the latest of a number of attempts to write the world's biggest mezuzah. A number of years ago another Israeli sofer actually made it into  Guiness Book Of World Records for writing what was then the world's largest mezuzah. See link here:

Then there is the huge mezuzah at Ben Gurion Airpot which must be at least one meter tall.

My question is: Are these supersized mezuzos kosher? My concern is that it says in the Torah "Uchsavtem" not "Utziyartem". Stam must be written, not drawn. These jumbo letters cannot be written like normal letters, but rather must be drawn or "painted" (ableit with a quill rather than a paintbrush). Is such a manner of writing considered kesivah?

I would appreciate hearing anyone's opinion on this.


  1. I would like to see if Rabbi Yurkowitz (the Halachik advisor of this Mezuzah)has put out a letter explaining how it was made and also explaining why it is kosher etc...
    Can someone contact him?

  2. If one reads carefully the two cited articles about the two huge mezuzos he can find out, that this new one, brought down in is NOT the biggest one. The parchment is "only" 23 inches (the mezuzah case is huge, though), while the one written by Borshevsky is 94 centimeters or 3 feet one inch long. People like to claim being the biggest, the first, the only, etc.


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