Kosher Bais?

Is this a Kosher Bais?


  1. the second beis of bevaisecha - no!
    enlarge for better view.

  2. Reb moshe Please give us a clear understanding according to chabad what part of the beis must be square.Is it the point on bottom or the outward tzura or does it need a real eikev

  3. the beis of bechol is also very problematic.
    according to this csav the basic feature that makes a beis, is the ribua of the akev, that means the akev has to be bolet in a way that clearly indicates that the bottom part of the beis is extended in a square shape from the moshav past the line coming down from the gag.
    true that if the bottom tip is round but the akev in clalus is clearly extending and giving a square tzura to the letter it is kosher.

    in these beisim [that Heshy posted] the akev is clearly round from the top till bottom, indicating a gav [like the gav of the caf] not an akev at all.
    I am afarid that these 2 beisim noted are pasul as being a caf type letter, and lo moil sheilas tinok clal - כי עינינו רואות שאין להם צורת בי"ת כלל

    Beis Hastam if something isn't clear - please note, I will try to explain better.

  4. Sorry to be so harsh, but it is schorah like this that gives Alter rebbe ksav a bad name. Chabad consumers looking to buy cheap should better buy Arizal. Only sell Alter Rebbe if it is high quality and written by a mumcheh.

  5. Other problematic letters that are especially common in cheap Alter Rebbe ksav other than the round bais are in my opinion 1)shinim that are not chad krah and have a moshav that is semi flat 2)nunim where the gug is wider than the moshav, 3) chof with square on bottom right, 4) lamed with small neck 5) vovin and yudin without proper rosh (the rosh is half swallowed into the regel and only has a shpitz (ie kotz R'T giving it shape), and sometimes 6) Zayin with regel that has blita making it possibly a nun kfufah. Also 7) samech with square bottom on left side is a deviation and can sometimes passel the ois.

    Also I don't understand these sofrim who write Alter rebbe with these huge bedek chaya tagin, where is the kabollah for that? We don't see it on any of the ksavin such as Reb Ruvain or the megillah it can sometimes be a shinuy tzurah.


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