Letter Bet

What would you say about the letter BET as depicted in the above picture.  In this case the right descender of the letter meets the moshav before the middle of the letter.  As such, the EKEV is wider than the letter.  Would you consider this a serious enough shinui in the TZURAT OT to invalidate the letter?


  1. Alberto - looking at the csav I am telling you [without the beis problem] quite sure they are pasul.
    The beis is pasul.

  2. Thank you Moshe. Indeed, this mezuzah is passul. Besides the BET, there are many other problems with cheapee mezuzot such as this. They are a real problem.

    As to the BET, there is no doubt that a tinok would read as a BET. However, this is not even a sheelat tinok. As sofrim we should be versed with the parameters of what gives the letter its proper shape; and it's therefore good for us to consider cases such as this. Even if a proper child, shelo tipesh velo hakham reads it as a BET, this letter is just plain passul.

    1. Yes indeed, it is good to bring up questions on the forum - this is one way to keep sofrim continuously conscious on different sta"m issues.

      The bet is pasul as you wrote, a tinok won't help here. The problem is the size-relation between the gag and moshav is distorted totaly.

  3. I think you have a revachim probelm as well, for example between the tav and the beis of uchsavtam


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