When a sofer finishes a mezuzah or tefillin parshiyos do they always send it to a magia? Do sofrim do this work themselves? I'm assuming a Sefer Torah everyone sends, maybe not?

B'kitzur now a days what's the seder ha'davarim after a sofer finishes something until it is finally sold (Sefer Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzos)


  1. Besides for the sofer who checks his own parshiyos SA 32:21 The minhag is for the sofer to have his tefillin and mezuzahs parshiyos checked by a magiah and even if the sofer is also a magiah it should still be checked by another magiah, ol derech haremez - "ain adam roeh as negah otzmoh" (Although miikur Hadin, the sofer alone suffices).
    In addition to this many poskim require computer checking. Some are extra mehudar to have 2 gavra and computer.

    Concerning Sefer Torah basically it is preferred to have 2 gavra and computer checking.

  2. 2 gavra meaning two seperate people to be magiah? (plus the sofer who does it himself, plus the computer?)

  3. On a sefer Torah, 2 gavra and 2 computer check are really a must and at least one gavra should be a high quality check and not the typical cheaper check. Otherwise, it's most likely something will be overlooked.

  4. 2 gavra and 1 computer is also the wise choice on parshios and mezuzahs.


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