Pei - Shinui tzura?

Can there be an issue of shinui tzura with some of these Peis?


  1. I never saw such peis !!
    I think that the pai of nafshechem, veasafta, letotafos [in the first mezuza] are a complete shinuy tzura and pasul.
    nafshechem in the third also pasul.
    The others maybe a shylas tinok and fixing !?

    thanks for the interesting post.

  2. A Peh with a runny nose? Wow, there are some Kutzot that are really exaggerated!

    Notwithstanding, it appears to me that, one may erase part of the long kutz and it is not considered Chak-Tokhot.

    Look at the Imrei Shefer (Klal Hei)... Even if the kutz descended all the way to the point that it touched base, one may still erase it as long as it looks like a kutz (i.e. it's a thin decender)

    However, if it were to be thicker, then we may be dealing with a MEM setuma that has some decoration in the middle, in which case we may not erase it. That would be Chak Tokhot.

    In our case, however, the kutzot do not reach anywhere near the base, (even though some are a bit thicker than a normal kutz) there is no confusion with a MEM Setuma.

    Because of the above, it appears to me that, our letter PEH maintains its shape (as a Sephardi Peh). Thus, the extended projection may be reduced without it being considered Chak Tokhot.

  3. Alberto,
    some of these kotzim are thick and descend till [opposite] the base of the pei, I think this is clearly a shinuy tzura.

  4. It looks like it may have been the Metayeg...

  5. Sefer S'fakot Hasofer brings a similar example (peh 15) but where the kots comes from the nekudah and actually touches the base. He brings down that this can be fixed in Tefillin or Mezuzot by scraping and this doesn't constitute Chok Tochot. He bases this on the Imrey Shefer rule 5. One therefore assumes that given it doesn't touch but is just a bit odd then repair is easily affected.


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