Small Hole

I made a small hole in the klaf where the taggim would go for the word sason. What are my options other than switching the Iriah? It is an 11-line Megilla and this is the second to last amund on this piece of klaf.


  1. No need to change the yeriya, just do a little cosmetic surgery. First make very small tagin that end well before the hole. So it will look a bit funny but no one will really notice and it is still halachadic. Then take a shaving razor and peel a thin shred off a similar coloured piece of klaf. You can then put a tiny bit of PVA glue on the shred and stick it down over the hole. press it firmly so it blends in. Wait 24 hours and with 800 grade sand paper just lightly sand around so the edges will blend into the regular klaf. It should come up with a good result if done properly.

  2. Thank you for the advice, I will try and do my best to make it look good. Should the glue be "kosher"?

  3. Eli, one of the things I've been looking into for these sorts of small patches and particularly for joining torn k'laf rather than trying to get really think k'laf/sanding is using goldbeater's skin as many bookbinders use. However I haven't been able to locate a source of goldbeater's skin that is made lishmah. There is a Sefardi rabbi/shochet here in the UK I've been chatting with about trying to produce this. What do you think?



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