Stop ink from spreading

Regular paper towel, which is very absorbent, was subjected to treatment which changed its properties.
The treatment leaves no residue on the paper.
The following photo shows:
Left: Untreated paper. A drop of ink spreads easily.
Right: Treated paper. A drop of ink stays in its place and does not spread.

Is it similar to results obtained with gum Sandarac? (The treatment is not gum sandarac.)

Is it useful for treating klaf to obtain sharper writing?


  1. From the picture it looks like the ink is pooling which is an issue in terms of (a) drying and (b) later cracking.
    What is the treatment you are using there?

  2. This is only the first experiment.
    Dio Lanetzach never cracks.

  3. ah, I didn't know what ink you were using? Can it flake off the page, the issue may be it is too thick and the treatment prevents the adherence to the paper causing it to flake off.

  4. An interesting post. The results are similar, as gum sandarac would probably have the same effect. Could you post an image of writing on klaf with this treatment so we could see whether the writing is sharper or not? The gum sandarac has the quality of making the ink stay exactly where you put it, so if you are writing with a very sharp kulmus then you will have extremely sharp ksav.


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