2 shailos - input appreciated



Obviously this guy is a maschil


  1. The reish is a shaylas tinok, and if read reish must be fixed by adding dyo.
    The tav to my opinion is pasul.

  2. 22 years ago I had this same type of Tav in my own Tefillin and I changed the Parsha but It was sent to Sampson in London who was Machshir and added a little ink on the back of the right regel and very slightly made the bottom of the rosh 1/2mm thicker.

    Looking at this picture again and again I can see that both raglayim are not coming out of the same spot and there is a small revach.

    Based upon my experience I would be Noiteh to pass it as okay.

    It has no other Tzurah other then a Tav.

    I am not a Moreh Horaah and would still send this in for Top level advice.

    Just sharing my own story.

    1. "It has no other Tzurah other then a Tav."

      To me it looks like a Tzadi Hafucha.

    2. you would never pass this tzurah as a Tzadi!!!!

      I was only passing on my own past experience.

      If you add a little ink to the kav of the right regel you would not have such an odd looking Tav. It is only because the bottom has a Blita that it looks funny.

      I am not convinced this is a Pusul Tav.

      I would like to see the leading letters of this word or better the whole item. Looks like (Beitoi)

    3. tav with 2 feet bent:on can argue this is similar to the ches of vechara and the mikdash meat feels that its similar to tav-I wouls agree that tinok can help ,however including the point on the inside It seems like a real shunui tzura

  3. Reish is a shailos tinnok. R' Shammai would say the same lifi what I've seen by him in the past. This is what the Mikdash Ma'at already says is a shailos tinnok.

    The Tav I personally am in sofek if it's a shailos tinnok or pasul. I'm more noteh to say it's a shailos tinnok. Again lifi what I was makabel from R' Shammai in similar shailos (that it's a shailos tinnok.) He said it becomes more of a problem of the 2 legs come mamash to a point together at the gag (in the middle or if one one regel is all the way to the right and the other regel is slanted meeting it at a point.) Here you see you don't have that and there is a little bit of space in between. Leaving me to believe he would also say it's a shailos tinnok.

  4. Perhaps somebody here can draw the correct steps of correcting this reish with ink!

  5. start from the bottom - dont dare do it from the top !!!!!

  6. if you did it from the top in one movement it should still be kosher according to some opinions


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