any hope for this zayin?

shailos tinuk would be problematic because the tagin would throw him off


  1. From this picture the second ז the rosh does not pass over on the right side. Therefore it is posul and cannot be fixed.

  2. there is a smal blita but pic is blurry. will try to upload another

  3. השאלה היא
    מי כתב את זאת

    ודאי לא סופר

  4. Somewhat agree with aaa here. I'd be tempted to pasul the tav which looks like more like a bad sefardi chet or pi. Why is the right regel so pronounced?

  5. i noticed the regalim were problematic but i figured th ezayin was a greater problem, so if that passels the mezuzah, no need to worry about other problems......


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