Cutting klaf- whats the maskanah?

I really want to explore this issue further as I have never had it clear.

From Yehushuah's teshuvah from rav Shammai it seems it is OK to cut before it is used for a mitzvah. This is common esp when putting in new parshiyos as sometimes cutting excess klaf can ensure a better fit.

What about after? For example you are checking someoen'es tefillin and the parshiyos stick down in the shel rosh a little into the titurah which is not so mehudar but there is plenty of room on the top and bottom, is there any allowance to cut to ensure a better fit? or they are very tight and you want to make a looser fit by cutting excess klaf at front andor end of parsha to avoid future damage? I should think this is highly problematic but I would love a second opinion.


  1. Interesting that nobody quoted the Kol Sofrim on this Inyan. therefor I will quote his Lashon. It is in ענינים שונים סעי' ג' וז"ל:
    ג) חרם הקדמונים שלא לחתוך גליון מספר לכן בודאי אין נכון לחתוך הגליון ובפרט מפרשיות ישינים כדי להניחם בבתים קטנים ובתשו' תשורת ש"י אוסר אפי' בדיעבד וגדול א' הסכים לי להתיר בדיעבד. עכ"ל
    So from the Kol Sofrim it seems that no cutting should be made לכתחילה even by new פרשיות ect.


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