Inverted Nuns of Bechukosai

Last Thursday, Rabbi Frand spoke about the inverted Nuns of Parshat Behalotcha in his popular weekly shiur.

This is a very important topic for all sofrim and I got his permission to put up his shiur in my blog for one week (you must pay to get his weekly shiurim so this was a very big favour).

I will eventually put everything he said in writing so I can keep it available but I would not miss this chance to hear a Safrut shiur from one of the very best orators out there.

The link


  1. see minchas yitzchok 2 - 15

  2. Thanks for the access to the shiur YK. Much appreciated. To add my little knowledge on the subject - and more examples of the nun hafucha in the words as opposed to as simanim you may be interested in my book on the subject Sefer Binsoa on lulu. or largely written for the layman but may be of interest.


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