is the small blitah on the bottom of the vov in any way a chshash of being a possible moshav and therefore possibly a nun?

Its the vov from uvechol


  1. L'dati kosher. However while sitting by R' Shammai a sofer came with a vav that had a small blita at the bottom and told him to ask a tinnok. I didn't understand the psak at all until he said to me "and if you would have to be a Nun, what would you say?". I suppose it that particular case it looked more like a Nun (than this picture here.) If I'm able to I'll print this out to bring however I think over here there is no sofek and if it would have to be Nun it'd surely be pasul. Therefore as it as as a vav there is no problem.

  2. I just updated the post because the picture is a bit blurry, while I tried blowing it up as much as possible, you don't see that the inside of the blita on the bottom of the vov its sqare ie 90 degree angle which made me worry a little

  3. The Sofrim here at Beis Hastam agree to Reb Shamai


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