Klaf that is torn

The following shailo was asked. 
A sofer had klaf that had a small tear in the middle. The tear made a sort of square that on 3 sides it was torn and one side still attached. Imagine a sort of "window" that could be opened and closed in the klaf. May such a part of the klaf be written on (without fixing it with a matlis of some type -- if it could be fixed.) As well if it's already written on what's the din?


  1. Mishnat Hasofer 18:17 in name of Chazon Ish that this [csav that was surrounded by a 3 sided tear] may be repaired by glueing a matlis.
    I think that it is forbidden to read the sefer tora, till this is fixed.

    Thanks for bringing this issue, I will copy the issue and write more about it on my hebrew blog.


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