New Blog, "Shimush Chachamim"

I recently started a blog called "Shimush Chachamim" (click to open in new window.)
My goal with this was to create for myself an outlet to (like it says on the blog) bring discussions and insights in Halacha and other areas of Torah to the world. The internet can be a tremendous resource for learning. Hopefully I will add information that will be valuable to others in their learning. Although I haven't yet I do plan on posting many Shailos and Teshuva b'halacha that I have heard from Gedolei HaPoskim here in Eretz Yisrael (b'frat my Rebbe Muvhak R' Shammai Gross Shlit"a.) Along with anything interesting I found in my daily learning, anything I find in seforim, etc. Posts related to STaM I will exclusively put on the forum here simply posting a link over there to whatever I put up over here. STaM Baruch HaShem has been my main limud over the last year or so and will continue in the limud and shimush although Baruch HaShem I'm always osek in many areas of Halacha. 

I apologize for the shameless promotion :). However perhaps some might enjoy the blog.


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