a nun shevurah?

I showed this to a few people. I got the whole range of answers, from "I don't see any problem" to "in sefardi ksav this wouldn't be kosher" , what do you think?

(these are different pictures of the same letters)


  1. The pai is kosher - no problem.
    The nun is classified as "a nun shvura" because the sway in the middle line, there is some debate in some later melaktim (I think the Csiva Tama - a book quoted by Mishnat Sofrim on Pai, and/or Imrei Shefer) in regard to the kashrus of a nun shvura.
    I think the simple hallacha is that the nun is kosher. IE, there is no specific pasul named "shvura", if the line is not completely severed.

  2. in page 241 of your sefer you wrote that it's posul, is that a different case, or only one opinion?

  3. Thanks for reminding me, I forgot totally when I had written this.
    But there in the book [on this given issue], I am only melaket what is written in some seforim, but you'll see there from what I brought that there isn't a clear pasul in the "shvura" issue - and the only pisul may be of a shinuy tzura - which I don't see at all in this nun given.


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