Minhag of the sofrim is to shorten retzuos that are too long:
is there a difference if they were worn or not does any sefer discuss this?


  1. I once spoke to R' Shammai Gross about this...He said the following (more or less) -

    If the tefillin was not yet worn l'shem the mitzvah then they may be cut down. If it's the first time then possible to say like by cutting down the klaf of tefillin parshiyos or mezuzos that we are matir because we say the klaf was made with this tanai, then so to by tefillin possible after wearing it only once and realizing it needs adjustment that one could say it was made on this tanei and therefore may be cut to be made smaller. If this was only realized a month afterwards lets say then it is a bit harder to say then it was made on this tanai. However for those that are matir even in this case could be because the ratzuos are only tashmishe kedusha along with the fact that a tanai maybe was made and could even help in this case.

    There is a Teshuva from R' Yochanan Segel Wosner in "Chaiyah Levi" I don't remember where it is. When/If I find it I'll post it...

  2. The psak I have is that once worn they may not be cut. You have the chance to try them on before wearing for the mitzvah to see if adjustment is desired. Shortening in not necessary (it's a matter of comfort or a preference. However, if you'll trip over it or are tripping over it then they may be trimmed anytime. Similarly, if the end of the retzua shel yad is very worn and needs regular touching up then it may be trimmed off, assuming of course there is sufficient length remaining.


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