Standing up for Nach

It says in SA Siman 282 that one must stand up for a Sefer Torah. The Rema brings a maklokes if it's the same din by "chumashim sh'lanu". The shailo was asked...Does one have to stand for Nach that was written on klaf?


  1. After posting this I looked around and found the teshuva...

    The Aruch HaShulchan writes in YD Siman 282 Sif 4 that even for Nach that was written l'shmo and on a klaf one still doesn't have to stand for it – only by a Sefer Torah.
    In the sefer "Kiman V'Hidur"
    (See here:
    he brings this down. As well as from the Meiri in Kiddushin 33b d"h "Sefer Torah" that davka in front of a Sefer Torah one must stand since it hs a Kedusha Yiserah, however in front of shar seforim "ain omdin clal".


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