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 The picture above is a front porch that leads in from the street. The archway at the top of the stairs definitely needs a mezuzah. There are two other archways on either side of the porch that lead off the porch but into a flower bed, not a pathway (one is visible in the picture, the other is opposite it on the other side, exactly ther same). The question is are these two side archways chayyev a mezuzah and if so on what side do they go?

The second beis on the top line does not have  a proper ekev. It is round and is not really bolet. I showed it to a tinuk who read it a s a chof. I showed it to a rov here who said it is a shailos tinnuk, and when I told him I already showed it to a tinuk who read it as a chof he said he cannot see a way to be machshir.


  1. The side arches are patur they are not considered pesachim, just openings [breaches] in a wall.

    The picture of the beis isn't 100% clear but does look like a shaylas tinok [especialy according to your discription], if so the Rav and tinok are right !!

  2. R' Shammai only doesn't say shailos tinnok by such a shailo when there is still "something" at the bottom. Otherwise he'll say shailos tinnok...

    From my notes:

    743. Shailo: There is a maklokes the Chasam Sofer and Mikdash Ma'at what to do when a Beis is missing the eikav. The Chasam Sofer says it's kosher as it is, the Mikdash Ma'at says it's a shailos tinnuk. Who do we pasken like?
    Teshuva: If it's missing completely a tinnuk should be asked. If has something there sticking out then can be somach on the Chasam Sofer.
    (Note: When discussing this shailo I mentioned to R' Shammai a case when I showed a tinnuk such a Beis without any eikev or anything sticking out and he said it was a chof. R' Shammai said it's important though that the tinnuk should know what the ois should look like that it should be square on top and bottom. Otherwise if it's missing the eikav for sure the tinnuk will come to say it's a chof.)

    1. I should think this machlokes is when there is a square corner.

      Here in our case, while the picture is a bit unclear, it is very round

  3. To me it looks clearly a bes because of the akev even though it's small and rounded. However, since one tinuk already posuled it, I would ask more tinokot, as we go after the majority.


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