another mezuzah placement shailah

A house here has brick pillars on either side as you walk down the path to the front door. The problem is that the pillars are cnnected on the top with a wooden mashkof. It's hard to see in the dark but lechorah this should contitute a tzuras hapesach, and should these pillars require mezuzos? they are definitely not there for support, rather to form a series of modern gateways as you progress down the path.


  1. These archways don't seem have any walls or roofs associated with them and truly do not constitute an entrance. Rather, they are some sort of decoration and exempt from mezuzot.

  2. They are patur for the reason given by Alberto.

  3. Yes it's true, no mezuzahs needed here, but gevalt! What sort of palaces do people live in mamash!? Baruch Hashem
    I bless us that despite our blessings and G-d's cheesed that most of the time provides us the illusory comforts of everything good we should be able to connect with the brokenness that is Tisha B'Av and merit this year to build the house that the whole world has been waiting for -- Bayit Shlishi. Hope to see you all there and let's bring everyone along with us. Good Shabbos from Yerushalayim


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