caf and yud touching

This is a illustration of something I was asked lately [about a mezuza] - is the caf and yud a definite pasul as mem, or still can be fixed.


  1. when I was doing shimush I remember learning that if it is a small negiya and the regel of the yud does not reach as far down as the top of the moshav it is ok to make shailos tinuk. I think rav shtern paskens the same way in mishnas hasofer with a beis, although I do not have the sefer handy...

  2. A shailos tinnok or perhaps ok the way it is. A shailos tinnok comes when there is a sofek and I personally don't have a sofek in this b'frat that the chof clearly looks like a chof and the yud doesn't seem to be affecting it so much (I've seen worse cases.) I would thing both psakim would be reasonable. Pasul would surprise me (however perhaps depending who says it! ;)


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