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A very cheap mezuza, the word uvechol is problematic. I hesitate to accept the beis, the caf, and there is an unexplained [and unnecessary] space between the caf and lamed.


  1. The Beis seems kosher to me. It certainly isnt a Chof or other letter. it has the basic elements of a Beis. The Chof is certainly a bit narrow on the top, but it looks like he makes all of chofs and beises a bit narrow in this ksav. It doesnt look like a nun because the top is wider than the bottom.

    Seems to me you could extend the bottom and top of the chof a bit and solve the problem of the space, while making the chof lechatchila.

  2. Beis if kosher
    Chof is shailos tinnok

    Spacing is also ok (lifi what I've seen by R' Shammai in the past -- he's pretty makil in this relatively speaking.) Perhaps to make the chof longer


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