hei - left foot problem

This was posted on my hebrew stam-blog, and I thought it quite interesting.
The foot of the left hays' are extended way under the line - does this make them into a type of kuf?
I think that since a tinok will not think of them as a kuf because the thickness and form of the yud, they are still kosher and should be fixed by lengthening the right foot a bit.
If the left foot would not be an [ashkenazic] opposite yud (but a sefardic type of foot, that is a simple line) it would be pasul, since it would be a kuf.


  1. It seems from the picture that the actual problem is that the right leg is short not that the left one is long. If this is the case, why should it be any different than the halacha regarding if the right leg was damaged. In such a case, if more than half remains it is kosher. I would think this would be the same thing.

  2. Indeed you are correct - this sofer did 2 things wrong.
    a) the left foot descends to much, b) the right foot is to short.
    There is a whole issue in the acharonim does this left foot descending under the short/damaged/broken right foot make a problem of the hai being a kuf.

  3. The left foot is supposed to be on the left side, not spanning 90% of the entire base. It is supposed to be no different than a ches except that the left leg isn't connected. Lchatchila one needs to chop off the right half of the left leg.

  4. I agree with R Aaron. The issue is with the regel y'min. Still it appears that ikar tzurah is present and adding some dyo to lengthen the regel y'min while carefully reducing the size of the regel smol would help.


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