Ink floating on klaf

I remember seeing a long time ago in שו"ת שבט הלוי that ink must float on the klaf  צף על הקלף . I don't remember the exact location, and I don't have שו"ת שבט הלוי on hand. I could not find it by searching either. Can anyone please help and find the exact location?


  1. I just Bar-Ilan'd "צף" "קלף" to appear within 20 words of each other in every sefer (including shu''t shevet halevi" and it didnt come up with anything. I also tried several other searches, but didn't succeed.

  2. see bnei yonah yorah deah siman 271 seif 6 (last parentheses in the left column)

    see also yerios shlomo (ch. 3 p. 3) who says that it is kosher

  3. i guess that shows how otzar hachachma can be superior to bar ilan :-)

  4. Zvi, I think you didn't mean "floating" rather protruding, Ie the ink is boilet above the klaf.
    This is the Bney Yona quoted by Peretz above.
    Readjust the hebrew words in search, instead of צף.

  5. I remember the word צף or one of its variations like יצוף ,לצוף, etc.

  6. Which volume of שבט הלוי deals with questions of STAM?


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