Creases in Sifrey Torah

I posted earlier about a Torah that had major creases in and needed repair. I have another now which has about 4 serious creases through it (see below the worst one). However whilst the letters are obscured, they are there under the creases when you straighten them and they are not broken or damaged.

Obviously the preference would be to try and flatten the k'laf, but if the letters are there and potentially the ba'al koreh or another congregant could pull on the k'laf whilst he is reading to reveal the intact letters would this be kasher for the bimah?

Interested in any sources for opinions on this.


  1. Interesting question,
    without looking up any sources I would say that if the baal kore cannot see the complete word at sight he may not read from it, since it is forbidden to read from a sefer tora by heart.

  2. I would accept that but if he pulled it flat temporarily then he can see it and that should permit the reading assuming the letter was intact. Always like to pose interesting questions.


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