Decorative Mezuzah cases

What is the halacha about having Mezuzah cases of kids programs like Pokemon or Sesame street?
Or having the logo of sport teams etc?(e.g having Elmo's face on the Mezuzah case) I have heard some Rabbonim say it's ok and some whats the tachlis halacha?


  1. I once wrote about this topic
    Later I rewrote the subject on my blog in a more mesudar way and quoted some Contempory poskim on this subject.

  2. Are you asking from a hilchos mezuzah or hashkafa perspective? In other words are you asking if it is inappropriate to use tv/movie characters or sports logos (A similar question would apply to yarmulkes) or if somehow this affects the kiyum of mitzvas mezuzah? One fulfills the mitzvah. It does seem inappropriate though but you should direct a hashkafa matter to your rav.

  3. I asked the following wants to R' Shammai Gross Shlit"a his answer follows (more or less lifi what I remember/wrote down then)...

    Is it muter to use for a mezuzah case that has on it pictures of Moons, stars, suns, etc that are bolet. Also a case that has a picture of a person on it (in this case the face of the person was only half showing.)

    Teshuva: For sure the case with suns, moons and stars is ossur. Even the one with this person that has half a face showing also one should not use (as well they shouldn't be sold.) Aside from what it says in Shulchan Aruch about have this sort of tzuros there is another reason that one puts his hand on the Mezuzah and kisses it therefore for sure not to use.

    1. just noticed the link was posted to the original shailo and the teshuva that I posted now from R' Shammai is also there.


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