Displaying an Old Sefer Torah

It was discussed in previous post the thing that one may find in some shuls where they have on display an old Sefer Torah from the Holocaust in a glass case.
Today b'hashgacha pratis R' Shammai Gross told me the Beis Avi has a teshuva about displaying a Sefer Torah in a glass case inside of a Judaica Store. L'maseh his machmir and has an interesting discussion there in the teshuva (link to the teshuva). R' Shammai said to me to look in the teshuva and see that his re'as are not re'as b'clal and l'maseh it's in fact muter to put an old pasul Sefer Torah on display in a glass case if one wishes. He said it's not a bizion...

Not sure if I agree yet completely but I thought it would be good to post this now since the post was recently made. Could be someone commented then with the Teshuva from Beis Avi -- I didn't look before writing this.


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