Warped Titora

I would like to hear some good eitzahs from the olam on fixing a warped titora tachtona (that is bending downwards) of pshutim mehudarim? Thank you


  1. just use plyers and bend back into shape

    for gassos it is harder, you need to use presses

    1. there is a chemical called shoestretch found at shoe repair stores.

      you spray some on to soften the leather then place it clamped between two pieces of wood that fit for 10 hours it should be flat.

  2. for gassos i clamp it between two metal plates for 24 hours but I make it wet first to soften it

  3. Pliers almost always does the trick for peshutim/mehudarim. Just be careful not to crack or break the titura. As mentioned, gasos is another matter and care must be taken since the pressure placed on the titura when clamping it can cause the bayis shel rosh to split open at the top.


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