Can I have the publics opinion on these Zayin's of the word Mezuzos? Aren't they a serious Shaila of a Nun? I have a few Mezuzos which I checked today, and all have more or less the same problem.


  1. This is the risk of buying cheaper Alter Rebbe. Only buy Alter Rebbe Ksav if it is written to a high standard by a sofer Mumche.

    If you are Chabad and you have a limited budget - get Arizal.

  2. these zayinim are kosher. there is no question in regard to a nun. this is normal for csav chabad, these bent feet in many letters

    1. I have seen some extreme versions of this case where it is mamash possul.

      At any rate, a normal Alter Rebbe Zayin gets thicker by going out on an ANGLE. This one, the regel goes down and it suddenly goes out left at a 90 degree angle. this is NOT how you make the regel of a zayin.

    2. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "this is normal for csav chabad, these bent feet in many letters". It might not be an issue to bend the feet of other letters, but if you risk the issue of Shinui Tzura, I'm not clear as to why it makes a difference wheather it's Kesav Chabad or not. I'm sure that this is not the preferable way to make a Zayin even in Kesav Chabad.

  3. lots of old sifrey torah have zayins like that

  4. My first project was restoring an old megilla that had some zayin's like that, and the megilla was otherwise standard Ari.


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