Extra Mehudar Mezuzah

Someone today asked me for a special mezuzah written as mehudar as possible with as many valid chumros as possible.

Other than Avodas yad klaf and making sure my writing comes out as perffect as possible, is there anything else anyone could suggest?


  1. Rashba, Avnei Nezer, Radach. Maybe Chayei Adam.

  2. Writing Tagim together as you write the letters Gr"a.

    No negiahs at all at any time of the ksiva, do not know the makor to this but I heard it is called Brisker chumra.

  3. The only ink which is mehudar לכולי עלמא is Dio Lanetzach.
    דיו עשן למצוה מן המובחר שאינו נפגם ואינו נפסל
    To have all the Chumrot you must make sure that there are no poskim who say on the ink that it is Possul. And it must comply with:
    "ספרים בעינן דבר המתקיים לעולם" (רשב"א), "שיתקיים אלפי שנים" (רמב"ם), "עיקר מעלת הדיו היינו שהוא דבר של קיימא" (צמח צדק), "אין כותבין ספרים רק בדבר המתקיים לעולם" (אבני יעקב). י

    If you want to be extra mehudar, Dio Lanetzach is also available with 100% עשן שמן זית

  4. mikva before writing each shem HaShem

    1. This is something which is not so simple, although I hear that many mekubalim are in favor of. See Sheari Teshuva 32:3 it is most proper to write all the tefillin parshiyos (the same applies to mezuza lichora) without making a hefsek, there reffering to dibur, but unless one has a mikva in their home how will they not speak at all.

      Of course the Sheari Teshuva is referring Lichatchila.

      What is R" Moshe's opinion on mikva before each Shem Hashem?

  5. Here are some hiddurim you may want to consider:

    1) Making sure the ibbud of the klaf was done lishmah for mezuzah (without one fits all tenai)

    2) if you make a negiya, even one which is not shinuy tzurah, wait until the ink dries, erase most of the letter so that there is no tzurah and rewrite properly

    3)Don't talk or listen to any audio during writing

    4) If ksav Arizal - besides for making the tagei lamed right higher than left, make the ches with right side of chototeres thicker than left side.

  6. Besides for Tfillin,Is there a Makor that a Mezuza should be written without a Hefsek?


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