Happy Birthday Sta"m Forum!

Last motzoi Yom Kippur, I was sitting around after the fast and my younger brother showed me how blogspot works. I had been talking about the idea of an online interactive forum with a number of fellow sofrim for some time, and I figured why not just do it.

Looking back, I think it was definitely worth the effort.  We have almost 450 informative posts, with many good shailos and insights. We have had over 60,000 hits, thats an average of about 200 hits per day. And we have had many meaningful and educational discussions on all topics in Sta'm. I know I learned a lot from some of them.

The best thing about it is that all past discussions and posts remain available as a resource for future reference.

I thank everyone for their contributions and for being part of this.

A special thank you to Rabbi Moshe Weiner for answering so many of the general shailos. Also thank you to Yehoshua Deitel for bringing many of the  shailos to Rav Shammai Gross.

My future plans for the forum include archiving all posts and discussions by topic. I also hope to find a sponsor who is willing to assist financially so that the forum can be set up a little more professionally. ( was waiting for the forum to build up for a year or two before seriously approaching anyone).

If anyone has any ideas on how to otherwise improve the forum, please do not hesitate to comment.

Wishing everyone a gtten kvittel and continued success in theior avodas hakodesh.


  1. Mazel Tov!
    Shkoich for all your work Eli and everyone's contributions to this most wonderful online forum. This website shows what good the internet can be used for in terms of spreading Torah. I know I have personally learned a lot from this as well as between this forum and R' Moshe all of the shailos I've been able to bring to R' Shammai in order to make shimush with. I have written down on the computer in my teshuvas from R' Shammai more than 180 shailos (pictures taken from this and R' Moshe's Hebrew STaM forum.) I've begun to organize all of print-outs into a folder as well so I'll be able to share it with more people. It all came about because of this site...

  2. I also want to wish all participants of the forum Mazal Tov on this beautiful website. I personaly want to thank many on the forum, that allowed me to contact new chashuva yidden in this area of stam.
    Special thanks and wishes to Reb Eli for this site [I personaly learned the possibility to open a parallel hebrew site],
    I wish and bless all with "a gut un gebenchte yar [a good and blessed year] in all issues".

  3. Happy Birthday STaM Forum! Yes, this is a tremendous learning, sharing and conversation group - spanning the globe - dedicated to our shared passion of Sofrut. Yashar ko'akh, R' Eli!


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