Learning Hagaha


I have been a sofer for some time and I ma qualified for ketivah at mishmeret stam.

I am now looking to focus on Hagaha, so I can be qualified to check as well.

Could anyone please tell me what is involved in studying to be qualified as an examiner?

Thanks and Gemar Tov.


  1. Hi R' David,

    You need to take a separate test for hagaha which is different to the material you learn for the safrus test as it includes seforim such as the mikdash me'at and daas kedoshim.

    Most importantly for hagaha is the shimush. When I was learniong hagaha 12 years ago Rav Friedlander from Mishmeres stam in Israel required 2 years of shimush exclusively in hagaaha before being able to practice on your own.

    Some places suggest 3 years and I agree because I only did two (one in Israel and one in NY) before starting and my first year was very tough. Many places employing a magiha with only two years will still check after him for the first 12 months.

    Practically speaking, Israel is the best place for shimush and learning hagaha in general, I don't know who gives good shimush in NY, I did part of my shimush in NY but I found it difficult to find a Rov to learn by. So most of it was with other Magihim, which is not the same.

  2. the mishmeret stam test in america (what rav araham vozner demanded from me)is:
    keses hasofer with the lishkah, mishna brura with the beur halacha on siman 32,36 - mishnas hasofrim, mikdash me'at, das kedoshim.
    and as rabbi eli said, the main thing is shimush.

  3. I would also suggest the sefer Kesiva KeHilchasa - it is a likut of piskei dinim on errors in tzuros ha-osios and brings from all of the afore-mentioned seforim, contrasting and illustrating their opinions.

    1. Reb Avraham, who is the mechaber of this sefer and where can it be purchased from?


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