Negiyah (reish & chof pshutah) revisited

This morning in Shul I sketched a picture of a negiyah between a reish and chof pshuta and showed it to a child, who read it as a lamed (see below).

While I agree the case I posted yesterday was very mild, and not much of a chshash, I think in cetrtain cases  a reish / chof pshutah negiya such as the one in this picture below can indeed  present more of a  problem. Particularly in cheaper mezuzos where not all the letters are written so perfectly.

An especially in sefardi ksav, where lechatchillah  the lamed is more like a reish on the bottom than a chof.

Negiyos, at least for me, are very nervewracking because the gravity of chok tochus essentially being a much more severe issur  (other problems that can be fixed by adding ink and not scratching are less nervewraking because you always have a tziruf in your back pocket (sofek shinuy tzurah and sofek what is considered lo kesidran) however you do not have the second sofek by negiyos (unless possibly if they happened after kesivah).

Anyway, for this reason, I always like to show anything more than a very thin /  light negiyah to a rov for my own peace of mind. Often while they may not be a shinuy tzurah, they may still loose their mehudar status which is tricky esp. when you are wanting to sell the parshiyos as geder mehudar.


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