nun pshuta backwards

The nun pshuta of "nosen" is backwards [click to enlarge]. It is pasul.
The question is can it be fixed in tefilin, according to opinions that a letter that a tinok can read correctly may be fixed (without chashash of sh'lo csidran)?


  1. I am afraid that in this case the reading of a Tinok is of no avail. The Nun simply lacks it's shape and cannot be fixed.

  2. maybe the picture does not correctly reflect the situation, but from the picture it does look like there is a blita on the left which may make the shailas tinuk justafiable

  3. I am certainly seeing a small blita on the left, so would go for havchanot tinok in this case.

  4. As is my policy of not to ask a tinok without first asking a chacham (of course, I am fortunate to have easy access to Rav Friedlander) I'd ask a chacham first. While there is a yetzia on the left side, it comes down lower, added to that that it is very short in comparison to the yetzia on the right side, making for a possible shaila, which I'd prefer a chacham to decide. (I'd lean to being machshir it and then fix it, if I had to make the call.)


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