Opinion Please

I have checked these tefillin before and have noted this issue, however the owner of these tefillin would now like a conclusive opinion on whether the revach is suitable or he should change the parshiyos.

The owner is Chabad Anash who likes to be mehader in mitzvos etc

the issue of course is that there are not 9 large letters as required lechatchillah acc to S'A harav

Reb Moshe's opinion would be appreciated.


  1. This is up to his chasidishe hergesh, after that according to halacha there is a kosher stuma, if he wants to change his tefilin because of the AR minhag, this is up to his chasidishe hergesh.

  2. come on! #1 its a shel rosh - only a minhag hasofrim.
    #2 according to many (sfardim) ther is no shiur parsha after shma
    #3 ther is 9 yudin.


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