strange problems in a mezuza

I will take the initiative of opening the second year with an interesting mezuza scan, I received before Yom Kippur:
Here is the same scan, with a problem throughout the mezuza, noted with red square [click to enlarge]:
Most of the yudim are written above the sirtut, although hallachicaly bdieved this should be kosher (this also isn't pashut, the Daas Kedoshim and Divre Chayim - R. Chayim of Tzanz hold that csav that isn't attached to the sirtut is pasul. Tzarich Iyun what they would say in the case at hand - the yud is attached above the sirtut and not under the sirtut) - this is abnormal, as no sofer writes lechatchila any letter above the sirtut !!
The mezuza has a double sirtut [although many sofrim mehadrim do this to straighten the csav, it seems this scribe had a different reason] ??!!
Last, the sirtut of this mezuza is not shokea [pressed into the klaf from the correct side] but pressed outward from the back of the klaf. This is a big problem! Is this type of sirtut accepted??!
[enlarge to see better] see Baruch She'amar p. 64 that this is equivalent to sirtut b'tzeva [with a colored line] and the poskim write that bdieved this is accepted.
My simple understanding observing this mezuza - it was not written by a sofer [a qualified sofer that learned the laws and received correct training how to write] !!!!


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