tav - can it be fixed?

This Tav is in tefilin. A tinok was asked and read it a Tav. Can it be fixed?


  1. Hi R' Moshe,
    In my humble opinion there is ample "leg room" (no pun intended) to enlarge the foot of the TAV. : )

    There is no doubt that a TAV that is missing a foot is absolutely PASSUL on 2 counts. (1) Its shape has changed, and (2) It can be confused with a CHET.

    The above TAV is different from the above described shape precisely on these two counts. (1) The foot is NOT really missing. Rather, the FOOT appears to be CUT. (2) It also cannot be confused with a CHET.

    I would equate the above situation to the Halakha when the HEAD of a VAV is cut at an angle. Although, the VAV is not written with a straight face as most poskim describe it should, the Minchat Yitzchak informs us that there is a head nevertheless and (lechatchilla) is kasher.

    Just like we are MACHMIR in case of a VAV with a cut head and repair it anyways, I would draw a parallel with our above TAV and strengthen the foot.

    It likewise, it appears to me that a SHEELAT TINOK is not necessary to make the repair. However, after the fact that he has read it as such, it just confirms that it has always been a TAV.

  2. I wouldn't have asked a tinok but rather would've added ink to improve it.

  3. there is a difference between sofek kav moshuch on the left regel of a tav and the roshim of a shin, ayin, aleph etc. The difference is that by the roshim, there is no shailah of it being another letter - only choser aiver. However with tof you have the shailah of a ches (d'rashi)which is more chomur.

    In this case I think I agree with Yerachmiel that there is enough sticking out to be machshir


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